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Optihealth partners with you and your other health care providers to achieve optimal health. Hence the name "Optihealth". The Team at Optihealth, as well as it's associated providers in our network, offer therapies so good that we change lives. A bold claim that we are very happy to be tested by you on. Rummage through the Testimonials Tab above or our fb page to see what our 9,476 clients have to say about us over 49,273 sessions

You can be assured of the utmost Privacy, Respect and Care. State of the art therapies and the information for you, as to why we are recommending any particular treatment are provided and we will seek always, to find the root cause(s) so that treatments are timely and efficacious
We love celebrating, Take the time now to go to the fb link and "like" to secure your free one hour treatment on your birthday. Your session must be on your actual birthday or the next business day should we be closed that day
167 Main Highway, Ellerslie. ( next to BP ) Street parking only at this stage so arrive a little earlier to secure a park. Free off steet public parking on Arthur St and Ladies Mile as well as with in 5-10 mins walk of the Clinic. In front of the clinic will be our carpark for you. Delayed due to an issue with getting the neighbouring business to complet an agreement to remove the tree as we allowed the PB sign on the boundry 



If not completely happy?
You pay what you think its was worth!